Chennai Flood Relief
Hilton Worldwide Chennai Disaster Campaign

Floods devastated the southern Indian city of Chennai in the winter of 2015. People lost loved ones in the mass destruction, and the flood waters left many families with nothing. As people evacuated their homes in search of safety in relief camps, many were stranded in Chennai.

Local organization AID INDIA actively assisted flood victims in Chennai find food, shelter and clothing in the midst of crisis.

To contribute to the flood relief effort, Hilton Chennai donated 240 litres of bottled drinking water, 200 pairs of clothing, bed sheets, 50 bread loaves, and 120 packets of biscuits to AID INDIA. 

Voluntary donations to the Chennai Disaster Campaign delivered lifesaving relief to flood survivors and helped them rebuild their lives and communities after disaster. Thank you for your generosity.

Contributions:  $25,225

Organization supported: AID INDIA