There is a crisis in Syria.

You can help.

About the syrian refugee crisis

Right now, as you read this page, a mother struggles to find clean water for her young son and newborn daughter.

As you go through your morning routine, a 13-year-old girl is afraid to use the refugee camp’s wash facilities for fear of being attacked.

As you kiss your child goodnight, a young boy, orphaned by war, slowly learns to walk again after losing his leg in a bombing.

As you sleep tonight, a father, his family’s sole breadwinner back in Syria, accepts rations and lives with his family in a makeshift tent, in a country where he has no job prospects or savings.

They think that we do not see their suffering, and have forgotten their pain.

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What will you do?

Helping the hurting

At the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in September, 2014, President Clinton, Jordan’s King Abdullah, and representatives from eight organizations stood up and committed to helping those hurt by the protracted crisis in Syria. These Commitment Makers joined with eight of the most well-respected international humanitarian organizations to come to the aid of those suffering.

No mother should worry about clean water for her children.

No young girl should fear for her personal safety while using the wash facilities.

No child in need of medical attention should be turned away due to overcrowding.

Education should not be a barrier to employment.