Hilton Responds: Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami
Support for region as they begin to recover

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On September 28, 2018 a series of earthquakes shook Palu, Indonesia and the surrounding area. The largest tremor triggered a tsunami that devastated the area, levelling homes, businesses, roads and bridges. Currently, the death count has surpassed 800 and is expected to rise.

Fortunately, none of our Team Members were impacted. However, the region still needs our support. Your voluntary contribution to this campaign will support Mercy Corps and the Indonesian Red Cross who are on the ground providing immediate response to the most urgent needs.

Your voluntary contribution to support those in the storm’s path will be met with a $20,000 match from Hilton.Hilton Honors Members can donate points to support the relief efforts of the Indonesian Red Cross and Mercy Corps.

Thank you for your generosity and caring.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash