Hilton Responds: Flooding in Japan

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In early July, Japan experienced heavy rainfall and flooding forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. This is the worst rainfall to hit Japan in 30 years, causing many residents to lose their home. In addition to the heavy rainfall, a heatwave has since followed causing the local government to declare a natural disaster. A vicious heatwave and a typhoon delay the recovery operation and restoration in the affected areas. About 3600 people are still living in shelters after one month.

Fortunately, none of our Team Members were impacted. However, the region still needs our help.

To further support the recovery and rebuilding process, Hilton will match all donations up to $10,000.

Save the Children has deployed emergency response teams to the area and will be our partner on the ground on this effort. Your voluntary contribution to this campaign will go to support the families that have lost everything as they begin the rebuilding process.



この災害で被災された方々を支援するため、義援金を受け付けております。お寄せいただいた義援金は、被災地で活動を行っているSave the Childrenを通して被災地にお届けいたします。皆さまの温かいご支援をよろしくお願いいたします。